inFAMOUS: Second Son: Details on Moral Choices and on Delsin: “You’ll Definitely Want to Play the Game Twice”

inFAMOUS: Second Son: Details on Moral Choices and on Delsin: “You’ll Definitely Want to Play the Game Twice”

During a simultaneous Q&A session on Twitter and Facebook inFAMOUS: Second Son Lead Animator and man with the mighty beard Jason Stansell shared more details on the upcoming PS4 exclusive.

First of all Stansell denied a rumor alleging that one of the characters in the new game will be related to inFAMOUS protagonist Cole MacGrath. He then listed the ways our choices will influence gameplay and Delsin’s appearance and behavior, and the philosophy behind the design of the protagonist:

The way you choose to play the game, be it heroic or ruthless, will absolutely impact Delsin. Not only in his appearance, and demeanor, but also in how his powers develop and how you play the game minute-to-minute. You’ll definitely want to play the game twice.

We wanted Delsin to look like a ‘regular’ guy, but still express himself as an artist. The punk rock look helped him not look like an average joe and played well with his artsy vibe. Also, it’s usually cold and wet here in seattle, so that’s why he’s all layered up to stay warm. The emblem is DYI screen printing he did himself.

We even learn why Delsin wears his now iconic but not universally loved beanie (the original question was on whether we’ll ever see him without it, and the answer probably means that we won’t):

People in Seattle are attached to their beanies. In fact, there are 3 other devs here whose heads I’ve never seen the top of.

Lastly, Stansell responded on whether Delsin will be aware of the events happened in the previous games or not:

The events that took place in inFAMOUS and inFAMOUS 2 had a worldwide impact. It’s a keystone moment for many people and has changed things forever.

You can expect further news on inFAMOUS: Second Son here on DualShockers very soon. Next week I’m going to fly to Rome for a press preview event, and while I don’t yet know when the embargo will drop, you can definitely count on me coming home with new gameplay impressions and possibly interviews and more.