inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Nate Fox on PS4: “Powerful Enough for Us to do Just Silly, Stupid Things”

inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Nate Fox on PS4: “Powerful Enough for Us to do Just Silly, Stupid Things”

inFAMOUS: Second Son is one of the most anticipated titles coming for PS4, and its Game Director Nate Fox has a quite peculiar way to define the console’s power, as he shared in an interview on the latest PlayStation Blogcast, alongside other interesting details on what the hardware brings to the table.

It’s really nice to have the hardware be powerful enough for us to do just silly, stupid things.

In inFAMOUS we really get into superpowers. And because of the hardware we can unleash just a ton of particles and lighting effects to make your moves feel epic, and we couldn’t have done that in the past.

That goes along with the city as well. We can go for much finer details so that you believe that the city exists and has a sense of reality and then, when you add superhuman abilities to that, you kind of believe that they can happen.

We wanted to make the city feel really realistic and to do that it’s all about the details. About the sounds,what it’s like to be on the street or that kinda trashy scene in the corner…shops… the quality of light coming through the leaves. It’s those things that when add them all up and you have the horsepower to bring them into the product, they suck you into the game and make you feel like you’re there.

Having been a fan of superheroes for quite a long time, it’s hard not to understand what Fox means. The genre has always been a strange mix of silly, stupid things and the realistic cities that served as a backdrop for those things to happen, creating a rather unique combination. Fox seems confident on the team’s ability to reproduce it, even thanks to the PS4’s power. We’ll see if they’ll be successful.

If you want to hear more from Nate Fox you can check out a Q&A with him that I filmed at Gamescom. There are some quite interesting details in there too, including a possibly juicy slip.