inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Nate Fox Talks Abigail Walker, How Player Choice will Influence Her and More

inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Nate Fox Talks Abigail Walker, How Player Choice will Influence Her and More

One of the interesting elements revealed at Gamescom about inFAMOUS: Second Son is Abigail “Fetch” Walker, and her neon powers, but besides telling us that she exists and that she has indeed power related to neon, Sucker Punch have been extremely tight lipped about her.

At long last Game Director Nate Fox has shared more details on how the player’s choices will influence her destiny and more elements of the story and of gameplay as part of an interview on the latest PlayStation Blogcast.

Part of the joy of the game is to get to know her, so I don’t really want to say too much, other than that she is a conduit, she has superhuman powers and she is inside of this world where everybody with powers is kinda hunted down as a threat to the state, and so both her and Delsin live in this world…and in order for Delsin to help the people he cares about he has to hunt down more of these superhumans so as he gets to know her, as he confronts her he kind of gets to… (long pause) chose in a way how her story… how it changes.

The player has a lot of choices and lives with the consequences inside of the game. Suffice to say, you get to kind of influence how Fetch reacts to you and the rest of the world. And on top of that the best part is, Delsin can drain powers out of other super humans so, when he finally gets to meet up with Fetch he gets her power over Neon.

It’s a gas. A lot of the details on superpowers we’re not sharing just yet… The thing that we always try to do with these games is, make the power source part of the urban landscape so it’s not like Dungeons and Dragons… the power of earth crystals and things like this.

Things like smoke, electricity and even neon, look at how many neon signs there are in the world around you and just imagine if that was the source of all of your fuel  for ass kicking. You’d be excited, because they’re plentyful.

We’re really trying to draw from the urban landscape. We try to make the power source something that you see in the everyday world. Also we try and pick powers that frankly aren’t things you’re extremely familiar with, right? I don’t know of a neon hero. As a result you’re like “what does that do?” and I can’t wait to show you, but it’s definitely Second Son. It’s not anything else, because we went with power sources that are a bit different.

I’m very excited for people to play it and get a chance to really revel in having superpowers. Just go nutsy when they have them unlocked. It’s an open world game, where you have choices and these choices have consequences. And that kind of ripple effect… You getting to know what you can do…you’re this overpowered demigod of a person and you kinda learn that it’s not always…there are some times costs to your actions.

Fox also mentions how, of course, being a goo guy or a total villain influences the way Delsin’s powers grow, and honestly it’s hard not to be excited at the idea of going “nutsy” and seeing how our choices influence characters like Fetch or other elements around us in the big open world “urban gym” of Seattle.