Infamous Sega CD Game Night Trap Set to Return According to its Creator

Infamous Sega CD Game Night Trap Set to Return According to its Creator

We live in a world that has a deluge of video games from the past being re-released. It’s pretty much become a standard now. With that said, I never in a million years would have thought that Night Trap would be among those games getting remade. This isn’t a joke, people. This is actually happening.

James Riley, who holds the rights to the game, went on to the Night Trap Facebook book community page to let everyone know about this. Yes… there’s a Night Trap Facebook community page, full of people who have been asking mister Riley if he could re-release a remastered version of the notorious CD-ROM game.

“I appreciate your on-going interest but please understand I do plan to re-release Night Trap and have been talking with a number of interested parties to do so. However, the specific platform(s) have not been confirmed (including online) and I will let you know once we have a definite plan and release schedule.

“Night Trap will come back, in better resolution and game play than before, we just want to be sure it’s the best strategy for all involved.”

I’ve played this game myself and like most FMV games… it wasn’t very good (I’m being nice). I’m confused as to why people would want to replay this game but the fact that the creator is listening to those who do is good thing I guess.

We’ll keep you updated on news of the Night Trap remaster as it develops.

I never thought in all my time reporting news that I’d ever write the above sentence…