Infinite Crisis’ “Construct” Trailer Introduces Coast City, the Founders Program, and Closed Beta Access

on August 1, 2013 10:39 AM

Turbine Games’ newest Infinite Crisis trailer, “Construct,” introduces the hometown of DC Comics hero Green Lantern, a map that players can gain instant access to with the newly announced Founders Program.

The program, which also gives instant access to the Closed Beta, comes with three tiers, all of which comes with the Coast City access, and Exclusive Protector Icon for use in-game & in forums (it should be noted that while each package comes with such an icon, each icon looks different). How the packs differ:

Basic: $19.99 gets players 800 Crisis Coins (a $10 value) and 3 champion unlocks. Overall said to be a $43 value.

Standard: $49.99 offers players 3200 Crisis Coins (a $35 value), 6 champion unlocks, and an exclusive “Renaissance” costume for Gaslight Batman. Overall said to be a $90 value.

Elite: $99 gives players 8600 Crisis Coins (a $80 value), 12 champion unlocks, an exclusive “Renaissance” costume for Gaslight Batman, an exclusive “Arkham City” costume for Batman Prime, and guaranteed early access to the next map release, “Gotham Divided.” Overall said to be a $200 value.

Check out the trailer below for a closer look at Coast City, and check out all of DualShockers’ Infinite Crisis news for more details on the game and its characters.

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