Infinite Crisis Gets Green with the Swamp Thing

By Andrew Matt

December 3, 2014

Things are getting green in Infinite Crisis with the announcement of new champion Swamp Thing coming to players on Wednesday December 17th.

Brilliant chemist Alec Holland had long been developing “a bio-restorative formula” to solve food shortages before he was tragically killed by an explosion in his lab, killing him and dousing plants in his concoction. His memories passed through the plants, being ‘reborn’ in the Swamp Thing: An elemental protector summoned by the Parliament of Trees to protect the Green, the force that creates and sustains plant life on Earth. Embracing his role as a protector of Earth, he is now forging his way onto the battlefield of Infinite Crisis.

Swamp Thing can endure tremendous damage and is capable of regeneration. He can also use plants to create husks and use vines to latch onto enemies he encounters to cause stuns and increase his movement speed. Voiced by Michael Dorn, best known as Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation, you can look forward to proclaiming “this is my swamp” in incoherent Klingon whenever you meet your foes in battle when he joins the game as a playable character later this month.

You can checkout Swamp Thing’s character video below and download and play Infinite Crisis for free now from the games official website.

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