Infinite Crisis Introduces Six Parallel Worlds and Character Classes

By Masoud House

April 8, 2013

If you haven’t heard of Infinite Crisis yet, Infinite Crisis is loosely based on the graphic novel of the same name, although it seems to be based more on the premise of Crisis of Infinite Earths, which has the heroes and villains of various alternate reality earths coming together after some colossal cosmic event.

Thanks to the recent announce trailer and details, and new updates on the Infinite Crisis website, we know that the current characters and worlds include:

  • Earth Prime (Earth-0): based on the current continuity of DC Comics’ mainline of stories. Consists of many of Infinite Crisis‘ announced playable characters, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Shazam, Zatanna, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Doomsday and others.
  • Earth Arcane (Earth-13): After Earth’s worst Sorcerers snuffed out the Sun, and Earth’s mightiest magicians returned it with their magic, this world was infused with an arcane heart that forever changed it.
  • Earth Atomic (Earth-17): It seems that when Superman’s rocket crash landed into Kansas, the U.S. mistook it as the first strike in the Cold War against the Soviet Union. After all of their nukes were unleashed, 97% of the world was vaporized, leaving bitter survivors in the aftermath.
  • Earth Gaslight (Earth-19): A world still in the Victorian Era, this Earth is just being revolutionized by powerful steam technology and invention, along with heroes and villains who are finding new sources of power and conflict “far stranger than steam.” Consists of heroes and villains like Batman, Joker and Catwoman.
  • Earth Nightmare (Earth-43): A world overrun with creatures of darkness, some heroes and villains have been turned into horrific monsters themselves in the fight against evil. Those that survive have banded together to save their world before it’s overtaken forever. Includes Nightmare Batman.
  • Earth Mecha (Earth-44): In a world where there has never been heroes, a league of scientists known as the Justice Consortium used technology and robotic creations to wield the power and responsibility to save Earth from threats within and beyond, including the Doom Legion and their villainous assassin bots.

Thanks to an updated character page, we also know that the current character classes in the game:

  • Enforcer: A character who can deal damage and distract foes from their weaker allies. Includes Shazam and Wonder Woman
  • Bruiser: A tank type of character, who can take heavy damage and deal heavy damage. Includes Doomsday and Gaslight Joker.
  • Marksman: Allows characters to deal light damage from afar. Includes Gaslight Batman.
  • Support: Which allows players to assist allies or neutralize enemies for a significant period of time. Includes Zatanna and Poison Ivy.
  • Assassin: Allows players to use short-term stealth abilities, speed, and to take out vulnerable foes. Includes Nightmare Batman, The Flash and Catwoman.
  • Blaster: Allows character to deal damage and delay enemies at range. Includes Green Lantern and The Joker.

The game is currently in the beta phase, which interested gamers can sign up for on the Infinite Crisis website.

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