Infinite Crisis Introduces The Radiation Hero, The Atomic Green Lantern

Infinite Crisis Introduces The Radiation Hero, The Atomic Green Lantern

Another champion (and Champion Profile) makes his way into the fold, with Turbine Games’ newest Infinite Crisis hero the Green Lantern of Atomic Earth (also the home of the chainsaw-wielding Wonder Woman).

The last Green Lantern we met was a mystical knight of justice: this Hal Jordan was a Green Lantern searching for survivors when his ring mysterious deactivated, allowing several tons of rubble to collapse onto him. When he woke up, his right arm had been amputated and his ring embedded in his chest. Weeks later, a shadowy figure gave Hal an impossible choice: live on like how he was, powerless and missing an arm, or restore the power of his ring with a new radioactive isotope that would shorten his life and give him much pain. Hal agreed without question.

Now literally armed with a construct arm and an explosive power ring, Atomic Green Lantern uses his deadly radiation and brute force to take on foes, fighting every battle “as if it were his last.”

Atomic Green Lantern is a Bruiser, and has several key abilities:

  • He can inflict Radiation Sickness, which generates “Rads” and deals damage to enemies over time, even slowing them down;
  • He can Grab enemies with his construct hand, drag them for additional damage, and stun them;
  • His Scorched Earth attack deal damage to an area, and unleashes an explosion that does secondary damage;
  • He can heal himself with Shards of Will, which creates a health shield that can be reinforced with nearby radiated enemies;
  • And his ultimate, Meltdown, can fire a toxic shard that hit a target, slows them, and deals damage to the target and anyone nearby over a period of time. Even better, if the target dies early or gets too much radiation, the shard will strike a nearby foe and continue doing it’s damage.

Atomic Green Lantern will be available in the Closed Beta in-game line-up on October 28th. Turbine Games encourage prospective players to sign up for the Infinite Crisis Closed Beta and join the Founders Program, which unlocks special perks and assets depending on the tier players pledge. For more details on the game, including tons of more profile videos, check out all of DualShockers’ Infinite Crisis news. For a closer look at Atomic Green Lantern, check out the full-sized art below.

Infinite Crisis - Atomic Green Lantern