Infinity Castle In Demon Slayer Anime Explained

Infinity Castle will play a major role in coming episodes.

February 14, 2022

Infinity Castle is a name mentioned in Demon Slayer a few times. Most recently, the place appeared in the last episode of Entertainment District Arc. Well, here’s everything about Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer you need to know.

Spoilers Alert: This post contains spoilers from Demon Slayer manga and anime

Gyutaro and Daki, the upper rank six demons, lose their fight to Demon Slayers. It happened after a long time that someone had defeated an upper-rank demon. This incident has come as a shock to Muzan Kibutsuji as well, and as a result, he summons Akaza and all other Upper-Rank Demons to the Infinity Castle.


The first appearance of the mysterious place is made when Muzan Kibutsuji summons all the lower rank demons and kills them, except for Enmu. It’s obvious for the viewers to ask what Infinity Castle is and what it has to do with Muzan.

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Here’s Everything We Know About Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer

Also known as the Dimensional Infinity Fortress, the Infinity Castle is a prime hideout of Twelve Kizuki. In the Infinity Castle Arc, it will be the central location of the show.

In the later chapters of the manga, Gyukko and Hantengu also lose their battles, and Nezuko’s resistance to the sun is revealed to Muzan. After this incident, Muzan gathers all the upper-rank demons to Infinity Castle and turns them into mindless lower-rank demons.


Infinity Castle is turned into dust during the fight between the Demon Slayers and Muzan. Nakime is the one whose Blood Demon Art controls the castle, but she gets manipulated by Yushiro. As a result, Muzan kills Yushiro, and the castle falls apart.

Only the upper-rank demons of the Twelve Kizuki are aware of the castle’s existence. The lower rank demons have no idea about it, and neither have they ever been summoned there.

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