Infinity Ward Gives More Info on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Characters

Infinity Ward Gives More Info on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Characters

During a panel at San Diego Comic Con, Infinity Ward introduced the cast of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, giving more color on the character that you’ll play, and those around him.


Captain Nick Reyes (played by Brian Bloom) is a warrior, incredibly loyal, and believes wholeheartedly in his cause. He’s part of the special forces, and after the captain and XO of his ship get killed in action, he is put in combat of the carrier Retribution.


Lieutnant Nora Salter (played by Jamie Gray Hyder) is Reyes’ partner. They have always been partners and equal in rank before he is promoted. That changes their dynamic, because he becomes her superior. Since she is a “ballbuster” she is not very comfortable with that. They struggle a bit with that through the whole game.


Ethan (played by Jeffrey Nordling) is an artificial humanoid assigned to Reyes. There are “bumps along the road” because certain people don’t accept him.


Staff Sergeant Omar (played by David Harewood) is a good, old fashion soldier. He’s the first in the battle and the last out and he is very loyal. He will fight anywhere, in the trenches, in the field, in space or anywhere.

More interesting and funny details about the characters were also shared: Lt. Salter has an actual “snack bar” in her Jackal fighter, inspired by the fact that her actress Jamie Gray Hyder has the habit of snacking a lot during filming.

Ethan is one of a kind, he has curiosity about humans, and he actually was given a sense of humor. He’s constantly making jokes and “messing with the heads” of his companions. His sense of humor was programmed for a reason and a specific purpose, in order to make him fit in with other soldiers.

He is trained and programmed to be one of them. When he is deployed, he understands what Reyes needs as a captain and what the unit needs as well, and he also uses his personality as a weapon.

Marines like Omar are all about “boots, bombs and bullets,” and don’t want technology like Ethan in the field, so there is tension among them.