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A ton of information was revealed about World of Warcraft‘s new Asian-themed expansion, Mists of Pandaria, today after the official announcement. There have been panels to talk about everything from the talent revamp to dungeons to PVP. So we’ve grabbed as much information as we could, categorized it under headers and dumped it all after the break for your perusal. Everything on this list, of course, is subject to change since the expansion is likely more than a year out, but for those who want to know, hit the jump and check it out.

The World

  • There will be five new zones, all of which will be on Pandaria, the new continent. It itself rests on the back of a turtle (no kidding).
  • Pandaria will have an Asian influence.
  • Flying will be available on Pandaria (of course), but not until level 90.
  • All necessary services (bank, auction house, etc.) will be available on Pandaria.
  • Outdoor raid bosses will make a comeback.
The Pandarens
  • They are a neutral race. Once you reach level 10 (likely after the starting zone), you can join either the alliance or the horde. This is a permanent decision.
  • Pandarens can choose from the following classes: Monk, Mage, Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Rogue, Shaman
  • Pandaren racials are: Gourmand = cooking skill increased by 15 | Bouncy = falling damage reduced by half | Inner Peace = your rested experience bonus lasts twice as long | Epicurean Racial = 100% increase to the stat benefit you get from food.
  • Pandaria is being threatened by a race calling themselves the Mantid.
The Monk Class
  • The three talent directions will be: Brewmaster (tank), Misterweaver (healer), Windwalker (melee DPS)
  • Monk is not a hero class. All monks will start at level 1.
  • Monks can wear up to leather armor and use staves and fist weapons.
  • The new resource system for monks is Chi (similar to energy, I assume).
  • A monk’s primary attack is Jab, which generates both light and dark forces. These resources are then used for other special abilities.
  • There is no auto-attack.
Redesigned Talent Trees
  • Talent points (as we know them) and ranks are gone.
  • Each class will have one talent tree.
  • You will get new talents every 15 levels, and you’ll get to make a decision between three different directions. The thought is for there to be zero mandatory talents.
  • You can change talents similar to how glyphs work now.
  • The talent UI has been redesigned (naturally)
PVE Scenarios, Questing, Dailies and Dungeons
  • PVE scenarios are mini-dungeons for a small group of players (not solo). They do not require any specific class or role combination (I’m assuming three hunters or three mages can go in and it would be fine).
  • Valor points will be earned as daily quest rewards.
  • Scenarios will reward both valor and justice points.
  • Daily incentives will be made available. Example: If you complete X amount of dailies, or [insert specific quest here], you may get certain buffs, the ability to see and roll on special loot within dungeons or other items of interest.
  • Challenge mode dungeons are set up in a manner that it is basically a race to the finish. There will be gold, silver and bronze medals, based on completion time or other requirements. There will be competitive leaderboards and will also be a source of valor points.
  • There will be nine new dungeons at launch. Six of these are in Pandaria. The others are heroic versions of classic dungeons (Scholomance and two wings of Scarlet Monastery).
  • There will be three raids at launch, with at least one focusing exclusively on the Mantids.
  • The focus will shift away from grinding to gain reputation with the various factions (whether it’s grinding dailies, kills or whatever).
  • New battlegrounds: Diamond Mine (a resource race), Valley of Power (hold a node that damages the player(s) over time), Azshara Crater.
  • New arena: Tol’vir Proving Grounds
  • Resilience has been changed to a base stat, which you can add to with PVP gear.
  • There will be a turn-based pet battle system introduced.
  • Vanity pets can attack wild creatures and capture them so you can add them to your own pet collection
  • You can customize your pets (example: give them a name, equip them with useful items and change their “talent” build)
  • Like in Pokémon, there will be “Masters” and you can fight them and gain a “Master Ability” for your winning pet.
  • Pets can level up as they participate in battles.
  • Pets can be formed into teams to battle similarly-sized teams of pets.
  • All pets will be made account-wide, including all customization and levels gained.
  • Pets will also be tradeable. It’s likely that the higher level the pet, the more gold you can get for it. You can also gift them to friends.
  • There are no restrictions on pet battles. All players of all level ranges will have access to them.
  • There will be a few pets that may not be usable in this system (most likely the “special” like kites and balloons).
  • Warlocks: Different resources for different talent directions. Soul shards are used with Affliction, Demonology will use demonic fury and Destruction will build and release fire energy.
  • Shamans: Removal of buff totems. New totems added with more sensible and direct abilities.
  • Druids: Instead of only three roles, druids will now have four talent directions. Feral = melee DPS (cat), Guardian = tank (bear), Restoration (healing), Balance (moonkin/spell DPS).
  • Hunter: Removal of minimum range. Can no longer use melee weapons; must use ranged weapons only.
  • Trainers will only exist to respec your characters’ talents. Spells and abilities will be learned automatically.
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