Infographic: Pokemon Black/White Differences

It seems like I’m the only guys left in the America without a copy of Pokemon Black and/or White. If some of you haven’t made the trip to Gamestop (DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY) to pick up the game and aren’t sure what version to get, this helpful infographic posted on FYPBlog may be of some use to you. Check out the exclusive Pokemon after the jump.

A big criticism of the series has always been that there wasn’t much of a difference between the two or three versions released in each generation. It looks like Black/White is the first game to really have the adventure differ between each iteration. In addition to the usual different sets of catchable Pokemon, the final gym leaders are different, White features a large forrest where Black has a Tron-like cityscape and the types of battles encountered differ. Also each game’s first gym leader will change depending on which starter Pokemon the player chooses. That’s a great idea to me as my choice has always been influenced by the first gym. Fire Pokemon in Red/Blue was like hard mode as you had to start grinding even before the first gym leader. Picking Squirtle or Bulbasaur made Brock no big deal, but fire against rock is a tough battle.

What version are you getting? I like the Tron city and can you really argue with a bird that wears a top hat? But WHY do they always make me choose between Beedrill and Butterfree?!

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