NetherRealm Studios Holding Injustice 2 Gameplay Presentation on January 24th

NetherRealm Studios Holding Injustice 2 Gameplay Presentation on January 24th

Get ready to join NetherRealm Studios in the Watchtower while they hold ‘an exclusive character gameplay reveal’ for Injustice 2. The livestream will take place on NRS’ official twitch channel on January 24th, 2pm Central Daylight Time.

It’s unclear whether this play session will center around one of the new characters displayed in the story trailer. However, that seems more likely than the reveal of yet to be announced fighter.

The master of trolling himself, Ed Boon, also shed some light on the event on Twitter. The head of NRS claimed that ‘lots of new Injustice 2 information coming… [on] the Watchtower twitch stream.’


News is definitely ramping up leading up to the game’s launch on May 16th. With last week’s trailer, the online beta coming soon, and (confirmed) leaks starting to appear, the floodgates have indeed buckled.

Small details are also popping up that haven’t been as obvious. The Injustice 2 website updated as soon as the story trailer dropped.

The new characters do not have bios as of yet on the site. However, 20 question mark spots have been added to the roster list (this would equal 15 unrevealed heroes/villains if you subtract the 5 that were shown off in the story trailer). With the 11 announced characters this brings the total playable characters to 31.

Injustice 2 Preorder

There’s still a lot to clarify here as the game will contain 9 DLC characters. Are these slots part of the 15 that still need to be filled? Should we add the pre-order bonus addition of Darkseid to this list? What about the playable palette (and voice) swaps of Power Girl, Jon Stewart’s Green Lantern, and Reverse-Flash that come with the different editions of the game?

Hopefully there will be some clarification in the upcoming Watchtower stream. With January 24th only a few days away, we’ll know more soon enough.