Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Quarter-Final Results Show Off New Costumes And New Stages

Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Quarter-Final Results Show Off New Costumes And New Stages

The results for the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Quarter-Finals are in, and of course that means new fight footage. But along with this footage comes new content, like looks at new stages and alternate costumes. I’ll avoid spoiling much about the fights, but I will point out a few things from each stage:

In the Batman vs Wonder Woman fight, you’ll see a look at the Paradise Island stage, along with Wonder Woman and Batman armored up and ready for war.

In the Joker vs Flash fight, Joker actually holds his own quite well, using weapons, nasty tactics, and a lot of stage hazards to slow the Flash down. The stage looks inspired by Belle Reve or Iron Heights Penitentiary  two DC comics prisons that house superhuman criminals. Also, look out for Gorilla Grodd, and a really awesome stage interaction that involves a poor pilot and his helicopter.

The Green Lantern vs Aquaman fight made me proud of the King of the Seven Seas, with Aquaman more than holding his own against the Emerald Knight. I can already seeing gamers spamming that water shield move. Also, check out his costume, which seems to be an homage to his late 90’s gladiator look. The only thing that ruins it is that ridiculous Ahab beard. They might as well have just given him a soul patch and a beret and called it even.

Finally, I know I said I wouldn’t spoil anything, but the Green Arrow vs Superman fight goes exactly as you’d expect it to. On the bright side, you do get a look at Green Arrow’s Arrow attire (which we learned yesterday is actually voiced by Arrow actor Stephen Amell), and you do get to see a decidely Zod-like Superman if you wait until the end.

You can see all of the footage below: the winners of this round with move onto the semi-finals, with the voting process returning in two weeks. Injustice: Gods Among Us is set to release on April 16th, 2013, to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Raven was recently revealed: who else do you want to see?