Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC Packs We’re Still Waiting To See

Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC Packs We’re Still Waiting To See


There has been a slew of Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC, including new characters, new costumes, and new S.T.A.R. Labs Missions. Like I said in my Injustice review, the game clearly had a DLC-heavy future, but there’s still some packs hardcore comic fans like myself have been waiting to see. So to have a little fun, I’ve explored a few other stories or ideas that could lend themselves well to new costumes and characters.

Crime Syndicate Pack


In a world where evil always wins and the odds are ever against the innocent, the Crime Syndicate of America–or CSA–are a group of the most dangerous roster of supervillains to ever grace the globe. Most jarring, especially for the Justice League, is that all of these villains resemble corrupted mirror versions of themselves. Whether you call it Earth-3 or the Anti-Matter Earth, on this planet there’s never been a Superman. Instead, there’s Ultraman, who gets stronger every time he’s exposed to kryptonite, as well as Owlman, the CSA’s Batman and world’s smartest criminal, ever-hunted by his father Commissioner Thomas Wayne. And then there’s Alexander Luthor, the world’s last living hero.

With DC Comics exploring a New 52-take on the CSA in Forever Evil, it makes total sense for a CSA-themed pack to grace the game. Arguably, Injustice is yet another reinterpretation of the JLA versus CSA tales, just using identical parallel selves instead of similarly-powered analogues. Skins for a CSA pack would still make a lot of sense, though, offering a more intentional villainous depiction of the characters than the reluctant heroes of Superman’s Regime.

Bizarro Pack

Bizarro_Justice_League_001 - Cropped

One of Superman’s most popular and recognizable foes, Bizarro, is famously known for his inability to do anything the “normal” way. This is most apparent in his speech, where he generally says the opposite of what he means, often humorously, but sometimes very darkly. Providing the imperfect duplicate of the Man of Steel should come complete with a fully unique moveset; a Bizarro who has freeze vision and fire breath; and similar to the Blackest Night skins, Bizarro should come with Bizarro skins for various members of his Bizarro Justice League, including Batzarro, the world’s worst detective. Couple this with some whacky and crazy S.T.A.R. Lab Missions, and a Bizarro Pack could make for a fun, bizarre take on Injustice.

Golden Age Pack


The age of superheroes may never have given way to present day billion-dollar movie franchises if not for the original comic books that started it all. Called the Golden Age, this was the time around WWII where superhero comics supplanted the pulp fiction strips that preceded them, allowing superheroes to enter pop culture and stay for good.

This pack should include classic depictions of various heroes and villains, not only of characters like Superman and Batman or Catwoman and Wonder Woman, but alternate skins featuring characters like Jay Garrick and Alan Scott–the original Flash and Green Lantern respectively–characters that built a legacy for later successors like Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. With S.T.A.R. Lab Missions that harken back to the gimmicky simpler tales of the Golden Age, this pack could introduce a whole new generation of fans to the era that truly started the comics industry.

Silver Age Classics Pack

Justice League of America New Frontier

While the Golden Age introduced comics into the mainstream, the Silver Age is what made some of the most memorable additions to DC Comics’ continuity. From new interpretations of old ideas, to the simpler, sometimes silly and innocent stories, the Silver Age was a fun time for reading comics if you needed to escape to a distance world or alternate dimension.

A Silver Age pack would not only include classic costumes for characters like Green Lantern, Sinestro, and, yes, even Wonder Woman’s “Diana Prince” I-Ching look, but also have S.T.A.R. Lab Missions where these classic heroes attempt to round up their villainous selves.

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come - Justice League

In this epic and seminal tale, a weary, older Superman is pulled out of retirement to combat a trigger happy generation of heroes who–after ridding the world of most of its supervillains–decided to start fighting each other out of boredom, regardless of the innocent bystanders caught in their wanton destruction.

But trying to peacefully stem the violent nature of territorial vigilantes isn’t easy, causing Superman to have to consider a more militant approach. A powerful commentary on the gritty violence of 80’s and 90’s comics, this “new school versus old school” story has many parallels to the story Injustice tells, making it an easy analogue that fans would be dying to see on screen.

Plus the costumes were cool.

Skins could include Superman’s graying hair and black “S” shield, Nightwing’s original “Red Robin” costume, Wonder Woman’s Eagle Armor, and Cyborg’s gold and mostly normal-looking form. If NetherRealm has the time and resources, Magog could also make for a cool downloadable character that Superman has to hunt down during the S.T.A.R. Labs Mission.

Justice Alliance of America (Diversity Pack)


Every now and then, characters are either replaced with or meet alternate heroes who are like them in just about every way, except for one thing: their race. There was actual an Earth in DC’s Multiverse that was home to the “Justice Alliance of America,” a world where there was an Asian Flash, a Native American Green Arrow, and a Black Superman.

While this may seem like an annoyingly politically correct world, there have been–both over the years and very recently–other characters who fit the bill even on the main Earth. Nubia, for example, has been in past continuities Wonder Woman’s equally-strong and capable Black sister (who also has ties to Ares), and on other alternate worlds, there’s been another Black Superman who is also the president of the United States. It may be a little corny, a little We Are The World meets Silver Age camp, but it could be fun to see a little diversity among DC’s top characters.

Lanterns Pack

Green Lantern - War_of_Light-5

Thanks to Geoff Johns’ magnificent run on the Green Lantern franchise, a host of new ideas were added to the Green Lantern mythos, including several other colored rings that represent a wider emotional spectrum beyond the Green Lantern’s emotionless Willpower.

During the Blackest Night storyline, where black lantern rings reanimated dead superheroes to fight the living, various characters were “deputized” or drafted into different colored corps on special occasions. This pack would give gamers special Lantern costumes for various characters, like Wonder Woman wearing the Star Sapphire’s violet ring of love, Lex Luthor wearing the orange ring of greed, the Flash wearing the blue ring of Hope, and Sinestro wearing the White Lantern ring of life.

Animated-Verse Pack

Justice Lords

DC’s animated universe–especially the work by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini–has undeniably been the driving force behind the popularity of DC’s characters on mainstream television, with some of the greatest stories and settings ever depicted through series like Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond.

An “Animated Pack” could include Superman Beyond and Batman Beyond costumes, takes on the Shiera Hall Hawkgirl costume and Brainiac-Luthor suit, and the Teen Titans versions of Cyborg, Deathstroke, and Robin (as Red X!).

But most notable would be the Justice Lords, an alternate reality Justice League that debuted in the animated Justice League series. This Justice League came from a world where President Lex Luthor’s devious plans led to the death of the Flash (Wally West, not Barry Allen of course). In response, this Superman similarly committed an act he never thought he would do, ending Luthor’s life with heat vision through the skull.

They then proceeded to save the world–by conquering it–renaming themselves the Justice Lords and remaining supreme authorities until the League of our world stopped them. Seeing these costumes in-game would be amazing, a nod to one of the best written two-part stories on the show.

Honorable Mentions

Not every awesome costume can be grouped, especially with 75 years worth of comics history to look back on. And so to throw out a few more cool costumes and concepts, here’s a few more suggestions that could come out as individual costume downloads or in random packs (which you can view in the gallery below).

  • Waterbearer Aquaman
  • Black Flash
  • Doomsday’s green jumpsuit
  • Hal Jordan as Parallax
  • Space Pirate Lobo
  • Martian Manhunter’s WWIII look
  • White Cloaked Shazam
  • Sinestro as a Green Lantern
  • Sinestro as Parallax
  • Superman’s Black and Silver costume
  • Superman’s Electric Blue and Red costumes
  • Wonder Woman’s 90’s looks


Are there any other DLC packs you’d like to see made for Injustice: Gods Among Us? Let us know in the comments below and tell us which of our choices was your favorite!

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