Indie Puzzle-Platformer Inmost Is Headed to Both PC and Switch

Indie Puzzle-Platformer Inmost Is Headed to Both PC and Switch

Inmost is ready for you to experience three different experiences in one pixelated puzzle-platformer coming soon to the PC and Switch

Chucklefish and Hidden Layer’s pixelated adventure game, Inmost, is heading to now both PC and Switch. Inmost is a side-scrolling adventure that tells a story across three different characters with their own unique playstyle.

You can play as a knight who has quick movement and sword attacks, giving some serious Hollow Knight vibes. You can also play as a “stranger”, which seems to be a slower paced, possibly puzzle focused experience. And the last character wasn’t shown too much but is a monster that “feeds on pain”. How these characters exactly intertwine into one narrative is still a mystery, but it could definitely show promise, especially for indie fans.

The gameplay shown in the announcement trailer doesn’t appear to be groundbreaking, though some moments in the platforming do look satisfying. It’ll be interesting to see how well these puzzles pull people in, as well as how this creature character mixes things up as well. A major selling point, in my opinion, is the well made pixelated environments and lighting.

Since this game deals with darker tones and creatures, the trailer really shows off dim-lit caverns and castles. The different settings still manage to look unique in their own way, using the art style and coloring as an advantage.

As far as a release date, there isn’t a set date other than 2019. If Inmost catches your eye, you can add the game to your wishlist now on Steam or wait until its release on Nintendo Switch.

In other Indie news, the anticipated Celeste “Farewell” levels are expected to come out soon — just in time for the one year anniversary.