InnerSpace Will Feature Exclusive Avatars and a Theme for PlayStation 4

InnerSpace Will Feature Exclusive Avatars and a Theme for PlayStation 4

Upcoming indie title InnerSpace has some exclusive additional content on PlayStation 4 to dress up your console for the journey ahead.

Polyknight Games’ indie title InnerSpace has recently reared its head after a spending quite a long time outside of the spotlight. The recently revealed revised release date has given the game a new lease on life as it makes its way to PlayStation 4,  Xbox One and PC early next year.

To sweeten the deal, InnerSpace will feature some exclusive content for its PlayStation 4 launch.  The ariel exploration title sees the release of five avatars for your console featuring images of the scenery within the game symbolizing the title’s gods and the aircraft which the player pilots. On top of this, there is also an InnerSpace theme called The Art of Flight. Sporting a soothing blue tone with a large Ancient seen on the right-hand side; the avatar also shows the game’s aircraft whizzing past on the screen.

The avatars are purchasable for 99c each while the theme is available for free.

InnerSpace is a gorgeous journey through a series of inside-out planets known as the Inverse. Exploring the ruins of a lost civilization, the game presents a number of puzzles for the player to solve in order to decipher the rich history of these intriguing environments.

InnerSpace is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 16, 2018.