Input Lag Issues with PS4 Version of Prey Will be Fixed Upon Release

Input Lag Issues with PS4 Version of Prey Will be Fixed Upon Release

Some fans have complained about input lag issues with the PS4 version of Prey's demo. Luckily, they will be fixed upon the game's full release this week.

A demo for the upcoming first-person action-adventure game Prey was released last week on both the PS4 and Xbox One. Since then, fans have been able to get their hands on the first hour of the game and try it out for themselves ahead of launch. Unfortunately for some players — specifically those on PS4 — the demo did not come without some problems.

The PS4 version of the Prey demo suffers from input lag. If you’re unfamiliar with input lag, it is typically when there is a noticeable delay between your pressing of a button or moving of a thumbstick and the time in which it takes to respond on screen. By comparison, the Xbox One version of the Prey demo did not suffer from this problem.

Luckily, Bethesda has already said that they’re aware of the problem and have assured fans that it will be fixed upon the final release of the game. A Bethesda Community Lead account over on NeoGAF addressed the problem and had this to say about the planned fix for the issue:

To get a little more technical on the update:

To address input lag, the fix within the final release in the game changes the raw input curve on the PS4 controller to be more responsive at the low end, and to tweak responsiveness to the center point on the controller (narrowing the dead zone.). The net result is faster/more responsive movement.

While it’s disappointing to see that the PS4 demo suffered from this problem, it’s good that Bethesda has already been so vocal about the issue and has confirmed that it will be solved.

Prey releases this week on Friday, May 5 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to come back to DualShockers after release to check out our review of the game.