Insane Robots Gets a New Behind-the-Scenes Trailer

Insane Robots Gets a New Behind-the-Scenes Trailer

Creative Director Rob Davis talks about some of the gameplay of Insane Robots in addition to describing some of the people who made this game a reality.

PlayStation has shared a making-of video for the card battler game Insane Robots that was released earlier in the week. Creative Director Rob Davis talks about some of the gameplay in Insane Robots as well as the many people who helped make it possible.

With some gameplay in the background, Davis gives an overview of how to play Insane Robots, which he says is full of content and very easy to begin playing. Players need to power up the circuits of their robots in order for them to attack other robots, and during a battle, they can hack and glitch their opponents.

During the sixteen-hour singleplayer campaign, players have a set of robots that they gradually unlock and power up individually so that they can make in it in the survival arena. Robots can be given more health or augment slots to make them more powerful.

However, during multiplayer, Davis says players don’t equip upgrades themselves, and the competing robots are given a similar level of power of randomized augments. Insane Robots does not allow players to customize their card decks, and everyone has the same one to play with to avoid the need for players to spend money on card packs or time modifying their decks.

Davis then takes some time to list some of the developers, writers, and artists who all worked to make Insane Robots happen like Catherine Unger, who built a lot of the original content of the game, and Karen Teixeira, who illustrated the game’s more than one hundred story events.

You can check out the entire video below. Insane Robots is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and PC, and if you pick up the game on Steam before July 19th, you’ll receive a 10% discount.