inSANE Trilogy Will Take At Least Eight Years

inSANE Trilogy Will Take At Least Eight Years


Guillermo Del Toro’s horror trilogy inSANE will reportedly take at least 8 to 10 years to complete according to THQ VP Danny Bilson.


“This is an epic project. It’s going to take the next eight to ten years to build all three chapters of this game.”

Del Toro spoke up as well and wants to make it clear that he’s working on a video game and not a movie, and the narrative offered in both mediums is very different. A lot of people seem to forget that, which is why I think adaptations often don’t live up to their original format; whether from video game to movie or the other way around.

“The rules are different and the way you tell the story is different. You don’t come into this world and try to apply the same rules. I’m here to learn and try some crazy shit.”

Not to mention of course that Del Toro has plenty of movies he’s working on including a new Frankenstein and At the Mountains of Madness due in 2012 and 2013 respectively; he’s quite a busy man. Hopefully we see more on this project very soon, and I will be waiting very patiently.