Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet DLC Incoming, a Sequel Possible

on August 4, 2011 8:00 PM

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has only been out for one day but the game is already hot with the hype. Reviews have been ranging up and down, but even the lowest scores can all agree that it’s a fun game with a lot of potential, though how much of that potential it hit is up to the individual. Good news today for fans of the game, as Fuelcell Games CEO Joe Olsen talked with Eurogamer about the possibility of DLC, the chances of a PC port and hints of a potential sequel at some point.

Their current plans include another multiplayer mode that’s closer to the full game than the current Lantern Run (which is a lot of fun, but very different from a majority of the game). He also speaks about the criticisms regarding the games length, which is one of the largest points I had against the game. All in all it’s an interesting read, and I hope to hear more both for this game and from the Fuelcell team.

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