Insomnia: The Ark Gets a Release Date and More Game Lore Revealed

Insomnia: The Ark Gets a Release Date and More Game Lore Revealed

Developer Studio Mono shares more insight into Insomnia: The Ark and reveals when the game will be released later this month.

We now have a release date for Insomnia: The Ark. Developer Studio Mono shared this week that the roleplaying game will be available on September 27th. Studio Mono also shared even more background for the game in a post on Steam. Based on the two previous posts about in-game history, if you like lore-heavy games then this is one to check out.

Prior to living up Object 6, the people of Nomah lived on a prosperous planet as the United Nomah Hierarchy, a successful empire. However, a political bloc with ties to the military called SORG eventually gained influence and announced its independence. Because of this, the Hierarchy attacked and began what would become the Last War.

The Last War became the most brutal conflict humankind ever experienced with millions of lives sacrificed. The planet’s environment began to fail as well with glaciers covering ruined cities when the last Hierarchy stronghold finally fell.

In order to fully stop the SORG and the invincible giant battle machines called Golem they introduced, the Hierarchy decided that total nuclear annihilation was the answer.  Obviously, this ruined the planet, and General Azar sent what remained of his army to secure Object 6, the interplanetary station for an exodus from the planet.

Thousands of people tried to board, but strict control measures were put into place. Regardless, many managed to sneak aboard anyway. While saved, the situation on Object worsened. The army occupied Urb, a sector that contains what supplies and resources remained, and left all the other hundreds of thousands of people to scramble for survival.

This leads up to four hundred years later when our main character awakes to learn some answers.

Previously, Studio Mono shared how the people did survive for so long and shared a trailer giving a brief overview of the Exodus.

If this piqued your interest, then you can check out my preview of Insomnia: The Ark which will be available for PC on September 27th.