InSomnia Brings Dieselpunk and Cooperative Tactics to Online RPGs

InSomnia Brings Dieselpunk and Cooperative Tactics to Online RPGs

Brooklyn-based Studio MONO have one major goal with their Kickstarter Campaign to get InSomnia Online going: make an exciting and engaging online game that rewards players by making their choices relevant not just to individual stories, but the entire world of the game.

Set in a retro-futuristic, dieselpunk setting, and infused with a Film Noir and post-apocalyptic feel, InSomnia Online takes place on a titanic, half-deserted space station known as The Ark, now known by its inhabitants, the Nomans, as The Dump. Without a home, the Nomans have spent several centuries drifting in space, escaping the fate of their home planet, which was destroyed by a cataclysmic conflict between the Republic of Noma and the SORG Regime. Living in fear of the SORG, the Nomans only hope is for the Ark to finally make it to its designation, an elusive planet known as the Evacuation Point that the Ark is slowly making its way towards. Players will emerge from cryogenic sleep as a Noman character trying to understand what has happened on the Ark for the last two decades, and along with their fellow awakened colonists, trying to figure out the clues and mistakes from their past that brought them here.

InSomnia Online is a cooperative RPG with many classic and tactics RPG features, set to offer players the ability to complete single player quests alone, or co-op with up to or three friends online, with PvP content such as factions wars or global quests where more than 60 players could be online at any one moment. The developers at Studio MONO want to make InSomnia Online full of unexpected situations, nonlinear story structures, Easter eggs and more, with constant upgrades and real-time tactical elements, such as skill distribution, roles within a group and fast thinking to deal with unpredictable enemy activity. InSomnia Online is set in a sandbox system, which includes “carefully crafted” content and procedurally generated events, and will provide new Missions and Activities unique to the player’s experience. Players will also be able to craft and manage equipment, and interact with “human-like A.I.” and environmental objects.

Kickstarter Campaign

InSomnia Online will be divided into Chapters, with stories continuing and constantly updated. Studio MONO claims that a character created six months after launch will experience starting conditions different from those of a character created at launch. Events will unfold in real time and will differ for everyone regardless of when they joined. Player choice may also lead to points where players will be required to make difficult decisions, which can affect their characters, their friends’ characters, the story, or the world of InSomnia in general, for better or for worse. This deep experience will be enhanced by a soundtrack inspired by legendary and contemporary composers such as Hans Zimmer, Mark Morgan and Brian Eno, but Studio MONO hope to have less mimicry and more of something unique and distinctive, to make InSomnia Online standout as equally unique and distinctive.

Studio MONO also hope to have a free-to-play model, but, as gamers themselves, not a pay-to-win system, nor forcing players to enjoy new single player/campaign content with costly DLC. Still, money is needed for paying for the servers and the team, so they are looking at creating cosmetic items for players to enjoy by their top 3D artists and writers, who hail from all around the world, including the United Kingdom, Russia, the United States, Malaysia, The Netherlands, the Ukraine and Japan. They are also working on miniatures, graphic novels, tabletop wargames, and novels to expand on their universe. Still, they want to make sure players understand that their goals are “not to make millions” but “to create a game [they] can all be proud of.”

Trying to secure funding from large investors and publishers for a game of this originality and cutting-edge design has proved impossible in the current risk-averse, sequel driven climate. Therefore our only remaining option is to turn to you – like- minded visionaries, gamers and fans – that can help us realize our dream by making this game a reality and to share in its success with us.

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If they reach their goal of $70,000, they can apply the money that’s been coming out of their pockets to perform more QA testing, infrastructure upgrades, additional hires in key skill areas, software and hardware upgrades, and legal and accounting personnel for fundamental game company functions.

Studio MONO are looking to release InSomnia Online next year in 2014 in Beta form. The crowdfunding campaign will be over in 43 days, ending on Christmas Day, on Wednesday December 25th, at 11pm EST: if interested, lend your support to their Kickstarter page. Check out the Kickstarter and Concept trailers above, and screenshots and concept art below for a closer look at the game, and check out the InSomnia website for more information.