Studio Mono Shares New Lore Trailer for Insomnia: The Ark

Studio Mono Shares New Lore Trailer for Insomnia: The Ark

The newest lore trailer for Insomnia: The Ark features Prime General Azar giving an overview of the Exodus that finds players on the game's space station.

Studio Mono shared a new trailer for the story-driven roleplaying game Insomnia: The Ark giving insight into the game’s complex lore.

Insomnia: The Ark finds players coasting through space on a massive interstellar space station called Object 6, where the people of Nomah, the sole descendants of a once great civilization, fled from a dying planet engulfed by the flames of war. This history is described in the trailer by Prime General Azar, and his impact on the citizens of Object 6 is felt throughout.

With some shots of the crumbling space station and the “accidents” that have befallen it, Azar encourages its citizens to strive for their future. It’ll be interesting to uncover the history of the war that caused everyone to escape from their original planet and to find out exactly what Azar’s intentions are when Insomnia: The Ark is fully released.

You can check out the lore trailer below.  Insomnia: The Ark is set to be released this year for PC, and you can head over here to read DualShockers’ preview of the game.