Studio Mono Releases New Overview Trailer for Insomnia: The Ark

Studio Mono Releases New Overview Trailer for Insomnia: The Ark

In the new overview trailer for Insomnia: The Ark, Studio Mono gives more insight into what players can expect when the game is released later this year.

Russian developer Studio Mono has shared a new overview trailer for the dystopian roleplay game Insomnia: The Ark that features some gameplay and hints at some of the different paths that players can take during the game.

In addition to gameplay, the trailer gives a list that overviews some of the ways that players can personalize their journey through Object 6, the space station that the game takes place on. The trailer states that within the more than sixty hours of gameplay, players can interact with more than 250 NPCs, each with their own unique dialogue, and will have more than eighty weapons to use and customize throughout more than seventy areas up for exploration. The decisions that players make in the game will eventually lead to one of twelve different game endings.


Insomnia: The Ark is set to be released for PC sometime this year after spending eight years in development. You can check out the overview trailer below. Previously, Studio Mono released a trailer that explores more of Object 6 and has also been sharing some of the game’s music on Twitter.