Insomniac at PAX South Talks Song of the Deep’s Fast Travel, Abilities, and Story Premise

Insomniac at PAX South Talks Song of the Deep’s Fast Travel, Abilities, and Story Premise

Speaking with Windows Central at PAX South, Brian Hastings of Insomniac Games spoke about their upcoming Metroidvania game Song of the Deep.

Hastings goes over the premise of the game, which is the story of Marin, the daughter of a fisherman who has gone missing. She builds a submarine out of junk metal lying around and embarks on a quest to find her missing father. Along the way she discovers that the songs and lullabies her father would tell her before bed are actually all true, from cities of gold to large monsters.

The Metroidvania genre is one Insomniac loves and helped inspire some of the gameplay for the Ratchet and Clank series. In Song of the Deep the developer is hoping to balance the left and right brain aspects of tapping into your puzzle solving as well as some action elements to enjoy as well.

There are at least four abilities, and each can be upgraded. One you get early on is a magnetic claw which allows you grab and throw back an enemy’s attack. You will also get Tyne energy which powers some abilities such as torpedoes. There is also a sonar ability that can be upgraded to a sonar blast. The way you upgrade these features is by bringing shiny coins to a large crab carrying an assortment of stuff on his back. You will trade the coins with him to acquire better versions of your abilities.

Insomniac loved Ori and the Blind Forest, and commented that they will have a fast travel system unlike Ori. This is accomplished via a Time Vortex which will transport you throughout the world map. They are represented as cones of light and also serve as a save point allowing Marin to return after death. It works much like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time where Marin’s death was more of a possible future she was warned against when tapping into the time vortex.

Song of the Deep will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as a download and retail title this summer, and you can watch the full interview below.