Insomniac Games Joins EA for New PS3 and Xbox 360 Game

on May 25, 2010 12:04 PM

Insomniac Games Joins EA for New PS3 and Xbox 360 Game

Insomniac Games’ Ted Price has just announced that the company will be moving in a new direction filled with some multi-platforming for everyone – more specifically PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – to experience. The company, who is best known for their PlayStation exclusives¬†Ratchet and Clank and Resistance, has announced a “brand new universe and franchise… to experience in the coming years.” ¬†The game which they are working on and will be providing an “awesome experience for as many players as possible,” will be making an appearance on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, thanks to their new partnership with EA Partners.

What can be expected from some PlayStation loyalists at this juncture is a set of of angering statements and rabid remarks calling Insomniac Games all sorts of “traitors,” and such. But, be reassured, PlayStation fans, that Ted Price has stated in a blog post that Insomniac’s “relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment is still very strong,” with “additional projects” planned “exclusively for PlayStation 3.” Which, in other words, means that you’ll still continue to see Ratchet and Clank and Resistance on Sony’s platform in the future. They just want to expand their horizons – kind of how Bungie did with Activision, although they’ve remained loyal enough to continue their Halo project(s) on Microsoft’s console.

It’s a great move for Insomniac Games as the company begins to branch out onto other consoles, as many have speculated prior to this announcement. Known for their ability to produce games annually, Price has stated that Insomniac will focus more on spending “more development time to iterate and polish our games.” Adding “all future Insomniac titles will benefit from longer development cycles, which will directly benefit you, our fans.” As gamers, we expect nothing but quality games from extended development times. With Insomniac Games, and with the amazing classics that they have brought us throughout the years, we can expect nothing short of prodigious from their future titles.

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