Insomniac Games' Multiplayer Title Is a Brand New IP, As per Job Listing


Bad news for Resistance fans!

May 22, 2022

Unlike what you might have expected, Insomniac Games’ multiplayer project is not a follow-up to the Resistance series as a job listing page hints at it being a brand new IP.

Since joining Sony as a first-party studio, Insomniac Games has been unstoppable! Not only they have been working on multiple projects simultaneously but they also deliver high-quality games that the community can’t stop loving and asking for more!

Thus far in the ninth generation of consoles, Insomniac Games has already delivered Spider-Man Miles Morales as well as Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, both of which are among the high-rated titles of PS5 so far.

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Currently, we do know that the studio is busy developing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as their next big drop. Also, a smaller team has started the production of Marvel’s Wolverine as the second superhero-based title from the studio. But, this is not the end as there is one more ongoing project at the studio as well!

Insomniac Games’ Multiplayer IP is Still in Pre-Production Phase

Previously, we found out that Insomniac Games is working on a multiplayer project, but a recent job listing for an Art Director position revealed more about this unannounced title.

According to the job descriptions, Insomniac Games is looking for an Art Director who “can account for art direction within a multiplayer environment,” and “assists in pre-production planning and new IP development with creative directors.”

Further in the post, it has been mentioned in the job requirements that Insomniac Games is looking for someone with “experience in shipping at least one AAA game with a multiplayer component, or a demonstrable understanding of Art Direction for multiplayer games.”

These clues lead us to the fact that Insomniac Games is either working on a multiplayer project or a game that has a bold multiplayer section. More importantly, this is going to be a brand new IP as the descriptions reveal, and it’s still in the pre-production stage.

Unfortunately, the post doesn’t reveal anything about the game’s genre, but we do know Insomniac Games already has a good track of FPS multiplayer games, thanks to their Resistance franchise.

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