Insomniac Games Spotlights the Fireball-Wielding Anarchist in a New Trailer for The Unspoken

on November 11, 2016 10:58 AM

Insomniac Games today showcased one of its spellcasters in the studio’s Oculus Touch exclusive The Unspoken — the fireball-wielding Anarchist.

The Anarchist can not only manifest fireballs with its bare hands but also deflect its opponent’s spells with its Arcane shield.

By channelling Embers, the Anarchist can perform three unique gesture spells:

  • With a push gesture, track your opponent with a deadly and unpredictable Chaos Skull. Push a fast skull, or charge a skull that’s devastatingly massive–skulls distract your opponent while you prepare your next spell, and shatter the shields of inattentive spellcasters. But beware! Their allegiance is fickle. A well-timed fireball can send a Chaos Skull back at its caster.
  • With a volley gesture, summon Pyrotechnics to rain explosive fireworks down on the arena. Pyrotechnics target opponents on any pedestal, countered only by a skillful teleport or a well-placed shield.
  • With the guard gesture, pull glass shards together to protect yourself with a Plate Glass barrier. You’ll be free to charge gesture spells or reach for powerful Artifacts.

The Unspoken hits the Oculus Touch on December 6.

You can check out the Anarchist Class trailer below:

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