Insta-Forum: What Is Your Favorite PS2 Game of All-Time?

Insta-Forum: What Is Your Favorite PS2 Game of All-Time?

With the PS2 officially celebrating its 20th anniversary this week, what are your all-time favorite classics on the iconic Sony system?

With the PS5 on the horizon in just over two weeks, the upcoming launch of the next-gen system isn’t the only recent major milestone for Sony. Alongside the PS5’s release, this week also marks a big moment for another one of Sony’s legacy systems, the PS2, with the console hitting its 20th anniversary after its debut in 2000.

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the PS2’s release in North America (it hit 20 years in Japan this past March), and in the years since its release, it is still a record-setting system that defined a generation. To date, the PS2 is still the best-selling console of all-time with over 155 million systems sold worldwide, and was the home to a number of classic titles like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyGrand Theft Auto III, and thousands of other games across its lifetime.

For our latest Insta-Forum, we’re looking back at the library of Sony’s iconic system and asking the DualShockers community: What is your all-time favorite PS2 game? What games are first to come to mind when you think of it? What games did you never get the chance to play on the system? Let us know your picks in the comments below.

Personally, Shadow of the Colossus is always a title that I will hold near and dear to my heart, along with tons of other classics that I played on the PS2 like Devil May Cry 3, Ico, and the Grand Theft Auto titles. There are a few series that I missed out on during the PS2 era; my biggest blindspots are probably platformers like Jak & DaxterSly Cooper, and Ratchet & Clank. But I can’t really argue with the fact that the PS2 had some incredible games to play over the years, especially thinking back now on its 20th anniversary.