Insta-Forum and Community Playdate: Destiny 2 Is Almost Here!

Destiny 2 is upon us, and here at DualShockers we want to hear how our readers feel about it. So dive in, and let us know.

The betas have ended and Destiny 2 is nearly ready for launch. If you pre-ordered digitally, remember that you can pre-install your copy right now. At DualShockers, most of us are pretty excited. More importantly though, how are you feeling about the launch?

We wanted to kick this question back to our community:

  • How are you feeling about this brave new Destiny universe?
  • Did the first Destiny launch sour you on the franchise?
  • All in? What class are you picking? Hunter, Titan or Warlock?
  • How do you feel about the new 4v4 Crucible?
  • Did anything from the two betas stand out to you?
  • How do you feel about the new “Grimoire-free” way Bungie is providing lore?
  • Are they releasing the Raid too quickly?

Here are some of our recent posts to refresh your memory:

As usual with our Insta-Forum posts, feel free to sound off about any of the questions above, or anything Destiny 2 related. As always, we’ll be hanging out chatting in the comments below!

Yet, that isn’t all. You can join the DualShockers team this Thursday night as we explore this brand new game with our brand new Guardians! It’s time for another DualShockers Community Playdate!

All of the DualShockers Twitch followersDiscord users and readers are invited to join us on the battlefield.

The giveaways this week will include:

  • Some great new gear from Steel Series and Bionik
  • A free copy of Destiny 2 on PS4
  • A free copy of Sonic Mania on Nintendo Switch
  • A free copy of Resident Evil: Revelations for Xbox One

We’ll be awarding prizes throughout the night, but be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn more.

Finally, speaking of prizes:

Summer may be coming to an end, but don’t forget that we’re also hosting another major giveaway. Throughout the month of September, you can easily enter to win the console of your choice. Check it out!

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Scott Meaney

Scott Meaney is the Community Director for DualShockers. You can find him pretty much all the time on twitter, facebook, twitch and in the official DualShockers Discord channel.

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