Insta-Forum: Does SteamOS Make PC Gaming More Enticing?

Insta-Forum: Does SteamOS Make PC Gaming More Enticing?

We all knew it would happen. Valve has gone and done it. They’ve built an operating system that combines Linux and their Steam platform. Steam single-handedly dominates PC gaming on Microsoft, Mac and Linux and offers some of the best variety of games in the business. The question is: Do you even care? If you’re one of the many folks out there without a PC, does SteamOS change your mind?  Do we really need another box to go with the other boxes on our entertainment centers?

The question we should ask ourselves is this: do we take a wait-and-see approach or jump on the hype bandwagon?

Also, what the hell is up with that controller? Innovative design or a mess?


Either way, we want to know!

So let’s talk about it in the comments section. Conversation can be heated as long as they stay on topic and respectful towards each other. Those that can’t control themselves will catch the business end of the ban-hammer.

Keep it classy folks!