Insta-Forum: What Was Your Reaction to Ghost of Tsushima's New Gameplay Footage?

After nearly 20 minutes of new gameplay footage, what was your takeaway from what we saw of Ghost of Tsushima? Sound off in the comments.

When it was first revealed in October 2017, Sucker Punch Productions’ upcoming Ghost of Tsushima caught a lot of attention for its stunning period recreation of Japan. A big departure from the inFamous series, the upcoming open-world epic seemingly takes a lot of inspiration from classic samurai films and has delivered some amazing setpieces from what we’ve seen of the game so far. With its release now just over two months away, Sony gave us one of our best looks yet at the game with brand new gameplay footage.

Yesterday, Sony aired its latest State of Play presentation focused specifically on Ghost of Tsushima. Running for about 20 minutes, the full broadcast gave us an extensive look at many of the systems that players will utilize in Sucker Punch’s upcoming title. Over the course of the video, we saw a glimpse of the Guiding Winds, which players (as the protagonist, Jin) will rely on to navigate the world, while also taking a look at the game’s varying combat systems. In addition to that, we also saw some neat features that players will have to make the game feel more cinematic, such as an extensive photo mode and a black-and-white filter to make it feel like an actual, playable samurai film.

After what we saw from the Ghost of Tsushima State of Play, we want to know what the DualShockers community thought about the presentation. What did you think of the new gameplay footage? Did the footage show some new things that you didn’t know about the game? Is Ghost of Tsushima one of the games you are most looking forward to playing this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Personally, the new footage that we saw from Ghost of Tsushima has me excited to finally experience what the game is all about. Compared to some of the other anticipated PS4 exclusives over the past few years, Ghost of Tsushima is a game that we hadn’t seen a ton from before, and it was nice to finally get a deep dive into how the samurai open-world title will play, and for the most part, the new State of Play broadcast delivered.

Overall, I’m very much looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima when it releases, despite being pushed back by a month from when we were originally expecting it. Some of the gameplay left me wanting a little more, and I’m concerned a bit that the open-world gameplay segments might look a little familiar with other open-world franchises like Assassin’s Creed. That being said, the game’s setting and style are absolutely gorgeous, and I especially love all the nods and stylistic touches that pay homage to classic samurai films. As one of the PS4’s (presumably) final exclusives before the PS5 arrives later this year, so far, I’d say I’m all in on Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima will release exclusively for PS4 on July 17, 2020.

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