Insta-Forum: What Do You Think of Ghost of Tsushima So Far?

As one of the PS4's final first-party exclusives, what do you think from playing Sony and Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima so far?

From the first time that we saw the game until now, Ghost of Tsushima has been one of the most anticipated PS4 games on the horizon. That has especially been the case with the game (presumably) being the final first-party PS4 game before the release of the PS5 this holiday season. Coming from Sucker Punch Productions, the makers of the Sly Cooper and inFamous series, Ghost of Tsushima marks the studio’s first new IP in some time, and from what we’ve seen of the game so far, it seems like a fitting swan song for the PS4 before the arrival of the next-generation.

Ghost of Tsushima finally released this past Friday, July 17, and now that everyone has had a full weekend with Sucker Punch’s samurai epic, we want to turn to the DualShockers community and ask: what do you think of Ghost of Tsushima so far? Does the long-awaited open-world game live up to expectations? What are your favorite (or least favorite) parts about Jin’s adventure so far? Is Ghost of Tsushima a great end to the PS4’s line of exclusive titles for this generation? Let us know in the comments below.

Just keep in mind when commenting: please try to avoid sharing story spoilers that might impact the experience of playing for those that are still making their way through the game or haven’t played it yet.

Personally, I put a good amount of time into Ghost of Tsushima this past weekend and have really been enjoying what Sucker Punch has pulled together in its open-world title. The world of Tsushima is incredible and vibrant, and its homages to Japanese cinema and history make it an engaging story so far, despite some of the more repetitive aspects of its open-world. In terms of our full impressions, our own managing editor Logan Moore is in the process of reviewing Ghost of Tsushima, which you can expect to see in the near future once he completes the game. Given that it seems like a pretty extensive experience compared to Sony’s last major first-party release, The Last of Us Part II, we’ll aim to give you a comprehensive look at the game in our review as soon as we can.

Ghost of Tsushima is available now exclusively for PS4. Stay tuned for our upcoming review of the game and more in-depth discussions on it in the coming weeks.

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