Insta-Forum: Toughest Game of All-Time

Welcome to the latest edition of the DualShockers Insta-Forum, where we ask our community topical questions about what’s going on in the gaming world. We want to know what you, the readers, think!

Countless broken controllers, an abundance of absurd deaths, ridiculously placed obstacles — thats what gaming is all about, right?

Nowadays, developers tend to make the gaming experience a little easier on the consumer. That’s right, there was a time where save points weren’t conveniently placed in the start menu. When writing down a long password was the only way not to start from the very beginning, driving you to question your existence and say, “This is impossible!”

Though eventually — after finally overcoming the aggravation, broken system, and emotional meltdown — you beat the game and felt a sense of gratification.

We want to know, what is the toughest game you’ve ever played?

So let’s talk about it in the comments section. Conversation can be heated as long as they stay on topic and respectful towards each other. Those that can’t control themselves will catch the business end of the ban-hammer.

Keep it classy folks!

Erika Garcia

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