Intel Announces Partnership with AMD to Create a New Core Processor

Intel Announces Partnership with AMD to Create a New Core Processor

Intel has announced a new partnership with AMD to provide a new processor dedicated to delivering an exceptional performance for PC gaming that rivals Nvidia.

This week, Intel announced that they would be partnering with long-time rival,  Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to produce a new Core processor.

According to the press release, a new Core processor with custom Radeon graphics inside the chip package, with the primary focus on gaming performance. Additionally, Intel has confirmed that the new product will be designed to provide a thinner, lighter, and more powerful enthusiast mobile platforms with the goal to provide a premium experience to consumers.


The upcoming product will be a part of Intel’s 8th generation Core processor series, combining the Core H-series CPU with second-generation HBM2s. The company also stated that this new chip would be less than half that of standard discrete graphics components on a motherboard, this will enable laptop manufacturers to create more lightweight and thinner laptops without having to compromise overall product performance.

On top of that, this newly-formed partnership will also have Intel working with AMD on drivers for the Radeon series GPUs, with AMD writing the code and Intel packaging them, which will allow Intel to provide driver updates for new releases. Personally, this partnership is incredible and has to potential to positively impact the future of PC gaming and I am curious to see how Nvidia will respond.

Unfortunately, Intel has yet to announce when laptops will be sporting the new core processor. However, you can check out some new screenshots of the chip as well as an announcement video below this article: