Intellivision Amico Game Developers, Skiing Remake and Redesigned Controller Unveiled

Intellivision celebrated its 40th anniversary by unveiling an updated controller, Intellivision Skiing and 25 developers working on games for the Amico.

Today marks not only the 25th anniversary of PlayStation but the 40th anniversary of Intellivision as well. As such, Intellivision Entertainment decided to celebrate this occasion by dropping a ton of new information regarding their upcoming Intellivision Amico system. We not only got a look a the slightly updated controller design, but learned about a pack-in launch title and received a list of 25 developers working on games for the system as well.

When it comes to the controller, the buttons on the side have been moved. Intellivision Entertainment apparently did this so the controller could adapt to however one is holding it more easily. CEO Tommy Tallarico really delves into the controller in a new Meet Amico video that you can watch below:

The Amico’s game library has been shrouded in mystery since the system was announced, but that’s finally starting to change today. An AR app with a demo for Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles is releasing, and Intellivision Skiing has been officially unveiled. This is another remake of a classic Intellivision game, and will actually be one of five pack-in titles at launch for the Intellivision Amico. The game will have 10 courses and will support up to 8 players along with a 4-player Ski Cross mode. You can check out an image below comparing the game’s new look to its original release:

Intellivision also confirmed today that 75 games are in active development for the Intellivision Amico, with 45 of those being launch titles. A list of 25 developers working on games for the system was unveiled, and highlights include Other Ocean, Digital Eclipse, and Choice Provisions. Here is the full list of developers confirmed to be making games for the Amico:

  • Other Ocean
  • Digital Eclipse
  • Concrete Games
  • Choice Provisions
  • Playchemy
  • React Games
  • Stainless Games
  • WastedStudios
  • Bonus Level Entertainment
  • NeoBird
  • Aesir Interactive
  • Thera Bytes
  • Way Digital Studios
  • BBG Entertainment
  • PHL Collective
  • Pixel Pug
  • Quicksilver Software
  • Rogue Rocket Games
  • Tozai Games
  • Human Soft Inc.
  • Flashman Studios
  • Spaceflower UG
  • Exozet Berlin GmbH
  • Independent Arts Software
  • Pool Legends.

You can see the new images of the console and controller below. The Intellivision Amico will release on October 10, 2020 and is supposed to have a significant presence at E3 2020.

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