Intellivision Comments on E3 2020 Plans After PlayStation Abandons Show

While PlayStation won't attend E3 2020, Tommy Tallarico told DualShockers about Intellivision Entertainment's plans for the show with the Amico.

January 14, 2020

Sony shocked many fans yesterday when it confirmed that it will once again be skipping E3. 2020 is a big year for the company, housing the release of many notable exclusives and even the launch of PS5, so it’s a surprise that PlayStation is choosing not to attend. Following PlayStation’s announcement, other companies are now commenting on their E3 2020 plans and the status of the show in general. Xbox’s Phil Spencer recently addressed fans on Twitter, while Intellivision Entertainment CEO Tommy Tallarico discussed the Amico’s presence at E3 2020 directly with DualShockers.


While Intellivision is still finalizing its plans, Tallarico confirmed that the fledgling console manufacture still plans on attending E3 as Tommy has previously promised. He highlighted that Intellivision is “planning on having a presence there and unveiling playable Amicos on the floor for the public to play for the first time” and is even “planning on doing a reveal press event as well.” Even though the PS5 won’t have a strong first-party presence at E3 2020, the other consoles launching this year seem to be showcasing at full force.

Though many have considered E3 to be on the decline in recent years, Tallarico also went on to speak positively about the show and what it stands for. “We love the idea of E3 and hope it continues to be a successful event for our industry.  It’s a great opportunity for a company like Intellivision to speak with so many press from around the world and to showcase our product to the industry for the first time.”

Whether or not you see E3 as a dying show, it is clear that other companies still value the community and exposure that come with it. Of course, you can expect that DualShockers will continue to cover E3 as long as new games and announcements are coming out of the show. As for the Intellivision Amico, it is still poised to launch on October 10, 2020 and Intellivision has unveiled a few exclusives. 

Tomas Franzese

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