Intellivision Amico Finally Gets a Trailer that Shows Off Exclusive Games

The Intellivision Amico received a new trailer during Gamescom and it actually showcases some gameplay from exclusive titles.

Intellivision Entertainment has been teasing the Intellivision Amico since June 2018, though most of their focus has been on highlighting the kinds of gamers they will be targeting with the console. While the latest Gamescom trailer for the console starts off with Tommy Tallirico reiterating those same casual gaming-focused ideals, it is actually the first trailer to show off gameplay from titles that will be on the Intellivision Amico. Check out the trailer below:

While many of the games are show for only a second or less, this Intellivision Amico trailer does highlight 17 different games. This includes both brand new games, like a four player racing game, as well as some re-imaginings of classic titles like Astrosmash, Night Stalker, and Shark! Shark!. They all look pretty good in this reveal trailer, though we obviously will be able to judge the games better once we see longer gameplay clips.

It is also worth noting that all Intellivision Amico games will only cost $9.99 or less and that they will all be exclusive. As Intellivision has previously teased, Amico games will be free of DLC, microtransactions, and ads. The console itself will come in with five pack-in games, will have a new Earthworm Jim game, and can support up to eight players that are using either an Amico controller or are playing through an app on their phone.

The Intellivision Amico will be releasing on October 10, 2020, presumably right before the launch of next generation consoles like Xbox’s Project Scarlett. DualShockers will keep you updated as more is revealed about the Intellivision Amico before its launch.

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