Intellivision Returns in PlayStation Home

on September 14, 2012 11:46 AM

Intellivision Productions has announced it plans to bring three of its classic games over to PlayStation Home. The games making the leap over to Home are Astrosmash, Shark! Shark!, and Night Stalker. They refer to the games as Intellivision Gen 2.

Each of the games has gotten an upgrade but still work to maintain the look and gameplay of their classic versions. While being faithful to their original releases, Intellivision Productions wanted to add features to these games that may not have been possible during their original releases.

The games have received new levels, features, and challenges in these version created for PlayStation Home. Astrosmash still features the UFO avoiding gameplay while Astrosmash Gen 2 has more UFO types, better level progression, and power ups for base weapons.

Shark! Shark! Gen 2 has fish still being eaten to grow larger but now the fish and foes not move in new patterns. Finally, Night Stalker Gen 2 has players still racing through labyrinths of enemies but now features a variety of killer robots, more challenges, and new maze structures.

Fans of classic Intellivision games will want to jump into PlayStation Home and give the enhanced versions of these classics a go around when released this fall.

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