Interloper Will Take Over the Open-Beta Universe until February 1st, Colorful Screenshots Released

on January 25, 2015 4:32 PM

Monogon Games has announced their upcoming fast-paced RTS game, Interloper, is stepping into the open-beta world on Steam.

Inspired by board games like Chess and Go, the game focuses on spatial tactics instead of the value of units.

In Interloper, the main goal of the game is expanding your territory; so instead of destroying your enemy’s base, you overtake it; instead of killing your opponent, you corner him.

This online multiplayer real-time strategy game features five-minute matches that will have players fight for their tribe by claiming domain using spatial reasoning to gain strategic advantage.

Interloper will also feature an extensive single-player campaign, a unique visual style and a soundtrack based specifically for your tribe.

The open-beta will be available until February 1st and the full game is expected to arrive on Steam in 2016.

For a closer look at the game check out the screenshots below.

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