Interview: Hothead on the Humor of DeathSpank and Weapons that Didn’t Make the Cut

Interview: Hothead on the Humor of DeathSpank and Weapons that Didn’t Make the Cut


Recently DualShockers had the chance to interview Hothead (creators of DeathSpank) and were pleasantly surprised with the humorous nature of their title bleeding through to their nature. If you are interested in this title this interview will give you some insight into how the style of the game came about. Digging even further, DualShockers was able to assert some information on what weapon was just too ridiculous to make the final cut of DeathSpank, hopes are still strong for this to be used in the future, so hit the break and find out some more about DeathSpank and Hothead’s attitude behind it!

DualShockers: What were some of the inspirations behind the unique weaponry in DeathSpank and are there any weapon ideas the team thought of that were just too over-the-top for the game? *If so, what are the chances of seeing these make their way into the game at a later date?

Darren Evenson, Lead Designer: The weapons were designed to be pretty wild, so they had to be things you wouldn’t see in other games. That said, a few neat things did have to get cut. For a time DeathSpank had access to heavily medicated arrows that would put enemies to sleep, letting DeathSpank sneak by. Unfortunately this resulted in playtesters getting into all sort of trouble by going to places we never intended them to go, then getting attacked from both sides as the creatures they drugged woke up!  It was a great idea but didn’t fit the game world. Going forward though all that stuff is back on the table.

DS: The comical style of DeathSpank is great, what made the team decide to go with a less serious tone to this game?

DE: DeathSpank was always intended to poke fun at the gaming industry, so it was natural that the tone for virtually everything in the game wasn’t very serious.  We considered it to be the foundation from which all humor in the game was birthed.  Can I say “birthed” on here? Because I just did… like twice.