Introducing DualShockers Game Club

Introducing DualShockers Game Club

We, at DualShockers, love to talk about video games. We know that you guys love to talk about video games as well. We also know that sometimes, when a hot game is released and you and all of your friends are playing it, you’re practically chomping at the bit to talk about the newest thing that happened to you in-game. You don’t need to worry, DualShockers has got you covered.

Starting this week, DualShockers is introducing Game Club. It’s kind of like a book club, but way more epic because we’ll be talking about games. This is a chance for all of us (reader and staff members) to get together and get those nagging questions off our chest.

To vent about that one annoying thing that our favorite character said/did. To totally nerd about how much we love/hate the game. It’s no holds barred and we hope for it to be a damn good time.

This Saturday, March 10th we’ll be talking about the first 10 hours of Mass Effect 3.

Introducing DualShockers Game Club

This discussion will be epic. This discussions will be deep. You will want to talk because, let’s be honest, who else could you talk to but a group of folks who know what you’re going through.This discussion will have spoilers but only up to the first 10 hours of the main campaign. Our very own Chad (who’s handling our review) will be there to moderate and to make sure that no one spills the beans past the 10 hour mark.

We’ll continue every weekend, all the way until the end of Mass Effect 3; where I’m sure we’ll all have differences of opinion on how your game ended.

From there, who knows? If you guys enjoy it, we’ll keep bringing Game Club back and keep making it more and more kick ass.

So join us this Saturday for our first ever Game Club and let’s get talking some Mass Effect 3!