Introducing Street Fighter X Tekken: Cross Assault, A Capcom Funded Live Internet Reality Show

on January 24, 2012 7:00 PM

With Street Fighter X Tekken barely two months from release, Capcom has thought of a pretty creative way to drum up some hype for the title. Enter Street Fighter X Tekken: Cross Assault, an internet reality show that will be live streamed in late February. Cross Assault will pit two teams of five (Team Street Fighter and Team Tekken) against one another in a variety of challenges and competitions all centered around Street Fighter X Tekken. These events will culminate with the first official Street Fighter X Tekken tournament, in which the teams will compete for a grand prize of $25,000. This final event will be held in Atlanta, GA.

To enter to be selected for Cross Assault, you need only to create a video game blog post that explains why you would be a good choice for the show. Capcom only wants gamers who are as skilled at fighting games as they are interesting and flavorful individuals.

They’ve explained that they aren’t simply isolating the very best fighting game players because they want the show to be accessible to all fighting fans and also because that probably wouldn’t make for an extremely entertaining reality TV program. Cross Assault will probably be wrapped up by the time SF X T launches for PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 6th, so fans intending on entering had better act fast. Hit the source for full details on participation.

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