Inversus Deluxe Announced for Nintendo Switch; Brings New Maps, AI Bots and More

Inversus Deluxe Announced for Nintendo Switch; Brings New Maps, AI Bots and More

Inversus Deluxe brings Hypersect's charming indie title to the Nintendo Switch later this year with tons of new content.

Developer Hypersect’s top-down arcade style game Inversus was one of the most addictive and charming indie titles that I played last year; I even gave it an 8.5 in my review. Since then, Hypersect has supported the game with a steady stream of updates and even confirmed an Xbox One version of the title. Today, the developers took it one step further and announced Inversus Deluxe for Nintendo Switch; it brings tons of new content to the game, including new maps, AI bots, and ranked online multiplayer.

While Inversus Deluxe is the game that will launch on both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year, everything new included in that version will be added to the PC and PS4 releases through a free update. Inversus Deluxe evolved from the previously revealed Inversus 1.5 update, because as the developer kept adding more and more content, they noticed it would be more fittingly named as a Deluxe Edition than as a mere update.

This version of the game adds twelve new versus maps and four new arcade maps, which brings the game’s map total up to 50. These new arenas also take advantage of the new split-shot ammo, which allows players to fire forked bullets and shoot around corners. A new single player versus mode where players face off against AI bots that are getting increasingly more difficult as matches go on has also been added.

When it comes to new online features, there are now ranked 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer options. New unlockable motion trails also lets players give themselves a bit of unique flair in matches. Finally, this update also adds real-time soft shadows and new high definition materials to make the game look more visually rich. You can see all of these features in action in a trailer below.

The game will also be available to play at PAX West this year. Inversus Deluxe does not yet have a release date, just a Fall 2017 release window, but the developers are saying to expect the title soon. If you can’t wait for Inversus Deluxe, you can currently pick up the base version of Inversus on PC and PS4