Inversus Is Releasing on Xbox One And Bringing New Content with It

Inversus Is Releasing on Xbox One And Bringing New Content with It

Hypersect is excited to say that the game will be coming to Xbox One along with a slew of new content. Those who already own the game can also expect to get the new content soon.

Along with the announcement of tons of new content for Inversus, developer Hypersect has also revealed that the game is on its way to Xbox One.

The game will be called Inversus 1.5, as it will include all of the content that has been available on PlayStation 4 and PC, as well as the new stuff, which includes twelve new maps for Versus Mode, three maps for Arcade Mode, new power-up abilities, and AI bots for players to test their mettle while waiting to be paired with an opponent in the game’s online multiplayer. Not to worry if you already own the game on PS4 or PC, because the new content will also be coming to you for free.


Ryan Juckett, one of the minds responsible for Inversus expressed his feelings about the opportunity to continue supporting the game.

“Supporting Inversus with regular updates has been a great experience and I really wanted to do something special for the 1.5 edition. I think the new versus-mode bots are where the value really shines.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Inversus is a shared-screen multiplayer title in which players may only move across the map by the tiles that are the opposite of their own color. Shooting across the tiles allows them to change color in pursuit of the players’ targets.

Last year, a major update was brought to the game, allowing for more shades (other than black and white), as well as new emotes and an improved online experience.