Investors Want To See Mario On iPhones Following 3DS Struggles

This topic has come up on more than one occasion on our podcast, but it looks like we’re not the only ones that have been thinking it. According to Bloomberg, while the house that Mario built is hard at work to bring titles to the 3DS, which has struggled to gain the momentum it was thought to have had — investors would like to see the portly plumber and the rest of the Nintendo catalog on the iOS and Android platforms.

Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata has already gone on record to say that as long as he’s in charge, well will never see Nintendo software on any other hardware. But with Sony and Microsoft already making moves in the mobile space, by not doing the same Nintendo is only spiting themselves in the process. Another idea is that Nintendo can “buy their way” onto the mobile platforms, by way of an acquisition kind of like what EA did with Pop-Cap games earlier this year. Who knows what will make Nintendo step into the present, but all I know is that if and when Nintendo finally takes the plunge I will be ready with iPad in hand.


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Joel Taveras

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