Throwback FPS Ion Fury Has Gone Gold on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One

3D Realms' Ion Fury is soon set to be released on consoles with a specific launch date yet to be revealed.

Following its arrival on PC last summer, developer 3D Realms has been preparing to bring Ion Fury to console platforms. After months have passed without much news on the console ports of the classically-styled FPS, however, some started to wonder when these new iterations of the game might be arriving. Well, as of today, we now know that their release date should be pretty near.

Over on Twitter today, 3D Realms announced that the console ports of Ion Fury have now gone gold, meaning that work on them has been finished. 3D Realms shared the announcement by showing a mocked-up image of what Ion Fury looks like on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch itself in the image was also gold, to signify, you know, the whole “gone gold” announcement. 3D Realms also encouraged those patiently awaiting the console port of Ion Fury to wash their hands, too.

While the focus of the announcement was definitely on the Switch version of Ion Fury, the developers confirmed that the shooter is still coming to PS4 and Xbox One, too.

As of now, the only thing we know about Ion Fury for consoles is that it’s apparently ready to now release. A specific launch date has yet to be revealed, but we should be hearing something more definitive in the coming days and weeks. We’ll keep you posted once we learn more about when these console ports are specifically set to launch.

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