DayZ Creator’s Xbox One/PC Title Ion Ceases Development

DayZ Creator’s Xbox One/PC Title Ion Ceases Development

DayZ creator Dean Hall's space survival sim Ion, originally revealed at E3 2015, is confirmed as no longer in active development by its co-studios.

Developer Dean Hall became known for the survival sensation DayZ, and while Hall has seemed to have multiple projects in the works since his breakout success, one of those projects, the Xbox One/PC title Ion, seems to be ending its development.

According to a report from Eurogamer, the Xbox One/PC space survival title Ion is currently no longer in active development, in a series of statements from Hall and other developers. Specifically, co-developer Improbable stated that the project was for co-development between it and RocketWerkz – the independent studio of Hall, but explained that “a lot has changed since then.” Due to Hall’s move to New Zealand and RocketWerkz taking on several other games, Improbable explained that the company is “not currently working on Ion,” and “currently have no plans to develop or release a game ourself,” with the studio instead focusing on their SpatialOS software and supporting other developers.

Hall provided his own statements in the report and explained that RocketWerkz is also “not actively working” on the project, with Hall also adding that due to the scope of the project, “Ion could only happen with a company like Improbable, with the scale of technology like that, and that’s not a game we could do alone.”

While no firm confirmation of the game’s cancellation was provided by either Improbable or RocketWerkz, the fate of Ion seems fairly set in stone that the co-development relationship between both studios has ended and that the project is no longer being actively pursued by either party. Hall did also comment to Eurogamer that “look, games get paused, cancelled, pulled back all the time in the industry. The reason why people don’t announced this stuff is because what’s the value in it?,” while explaining that “I’d far rather people were pissed off I didn’t release something than I release something I wasn’t happy with and try to take money from them. That’s the most important thing.”

Ion was originally revealed with a teaser trailer during Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2015 to release on Xbox One and PC – however, little of the title was seen or heard of since its announcement afterward.