The New iOS Xbox App Allows Players to Stream Games to Their iPhone

The New iOS Xbox App Allows Players to Stream Games to Their iPhone

No, this is not xCloud.

The Xbox app on iOS is about to get a huge update. The new update will come packed with a new remote play feature. This allows Xbox One owners to stream games right to their iPhone, similar to remote play on the PS4.

And before you ask, no this is not Microsoft’s xCloud. That service streams directly from Microsoft’s servers while the new remote play feature streams from your own Xbox.

For a quick viewing of the app, take a look at the attached tweet below. Tom Warren from The Verge takes us on a quick tour of the new app.

iOS users will be able to connect directly to their Xbox over Wi-Fi- or an LTE connection. Uses will be able to start their console directly from their iPhone. The console will boot up without making a sound or the Xbox logo lighting up. When the phone is disconnected, the system will go back into standby.

The newly designed app has already been released on Android devices. The iOS version will include the same design and features as the Android version such as downloading and sharing clips and screenshots. You can also download games, delete games, and manage console storage. Plus, if you haven’t seen, Xbox Owners can now download games before even owning it.

The new app runs much more efficiently than the previous version and has been designed to match design changes across the entire Xbox ecosystem. The app is releasing just in time for the launch of the Series X and Series S, which also bolsters some dashboard design changes.

The app is currently being tested by TestFlight members. This means that it will most likely be available in the App Store pretty soon.